Padre Island Rentals has been doing Spring Break on the island since your grandparents came here. Ask 'em!



Part of Keeping It Fun means going home with a suntan not a sunburn.  Keeping It Fun means going home exhausted and actually getting home.  Keeping It Fun means going home with the buzz worn off and answering your parents questions clearly. Keeping It Fun means you only spent the money you brought and did NOT go home in debt having spent some quality time with local law enforcement. Keeping It Fun means leaving the vacation home in the same condition you found it and not loosing your security deposit.

Please CAREFULLY review our list of "Keep It Fun" items.

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This is our Life! Somebody has to be here on this spectacular island.  Might as well be me!

Check-In is at Padre Island Rentals, 

3100 Padre Boulevard, 
South Padre Island, TX 78597

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Early Bird

Special Offer

FRee padre maniac vIP CArds

>> Normally $80 Each <<

Book a 6-Night Stay with Padre Island Rentals before February 1, 2020 and get 2 Free PadreManiac VIP Cards per condo bedroom!

Coupon Codes for 6 Night Stays 

3 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "6FreeVIPs"

2 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "4FreeVIPs"

1 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "2FreeVIPs"

  • Not available on all properties at

  • Limited time offer (though we will extend it and maybe change it some)

  • Not good in conjunction with any other offer

  • Good for the month of March only

  • Special Available on and


Not staying that long?

 Book a 4-Night stay and get PadreManiac VIP Cards for only $10. Two per bedroom.

3 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "6VIPs"

2 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "4VIPs"

1 Bedroom Condo - use coupon code "2VIPs"